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Quality Control


Accurate Quality Control is vital to the integrity of every project and is well managed in Rhyason Contracting's comprehensive program.  Rhyason Contracting Employs a full time Quality Control Manager to lead our QC team. This dedication ensures compliance with  our customers expectations and that Rhyason Contracting's high standards are observed in every phase of every project

Rhyason Contracting has developed an ongoing training program to train our personnel to our Quality Control programs.  We train our employees in the following fields:

*Provincial codes and regulations     *Manual control     *Examination and inspection program     *Document control

*Non-conformities    *Material control    *Testing and documentation    *As built drawings     *Spool drawings

Upon completion of each project Rhyason Contracting delivers to the owner a copy of the Quality Control Data complete with pile records, as built drawings, weld maps, test reports among other related information.



Alberta Program covers the following codes and regulations

*Registration No. AQP-2501

*ASME B31.3 Power piping code

*ASME B31.3 Process piping code

*Alberta safety codes act and regulations

*CSA-Z662-2003 Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems


British Colombia Program covers the following codes and regulations

*Registration No. 00001055

*The British Columbia power engineers

*Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act

*ASME B31.1,ASME B31.3, ASME B31.9

*CSA-Z662-2003 Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems  



Alberta and British Columbia

 W.P Spec No. GRC-01 (Facility)

*ASME SA-106 Grade B, SMAW (F3/F4) E6010 + E7018

*Weld Process, S.M.A.W

*Th. Qual. For19.1 mm



 W.P Spec No. GRC-02 (Facility)

*ASME SA-333 Grade 6 to SA-350, Grade LF2 E6010-E7018

*Weld Process, S.M.A.W

*Th. Qual. For-2.7 to 19.1 mm



W.P Spec No. GRC-05 (Pipeline)

*Pipe, 386 MPA or lower and alternative materials as per CSA codes (SA-5-B, SA- 106-B, SA-333-6, Etc)

*Normal sour service: CAT.1,11, or 111

*Diameter group: 25.4 mm323.9 mm (1 to 12)

*Wall thickness group: 1.5 mm15.9 mm (up to 0.5)

*P.W.H.T No


 W.P Spec No. GRC-06 (Facility)

*ASME SA-106 Grade B, ASME SA 516 Grade 70, ASME SA-333 Grade 6, SA-350    Grade LF2

*Weld Process, S.M.A.W

*Th. Qual. For-2.7 to 46.0 mm






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