About Us

Rhyason Contracting – A Corporate Limited Partnership has been involved in the construction industry since 1980 , over these past years Rhyason Contracting has installed many miles of various pipelines and facility Installations. We at Rhyason Contracting are proud of our accomplishments in establishing such a well managed company.

Experience, knowledge, quality, customer service and satisfaction makes Rhyason Contracting a quality choice for your construction and maintenance needs.

The People
Rhyason Contracting believes its success depends on how well they treat their people who actually do the work. Rhyason Contracting tries to assure that its people are fairly compensated, are given opportunities for growth, and are given attention as a key member of the Rhyason Team. “It’s the employees that make the company, not the company that makes the employees”.

The heart of Rhyason Contracting has always been the field personnel. The dedicated men and women who endure the long hours and harsh elements on a daily basis to get the job done.

Corporate Mission
Rhyason Contracting’s belief is that our customers come first and satisfied customers are a return customer. With these beliefs in mind Rhyason Contracting strives to do it right the first time with highly trained and qualified personnel, safety programs, and on going training within the industry.