Since it’s conception (1980) Rhyason Contracting has always been safety conscious. This can be seen in its claim history. The driving thought behind this attitude has come from the top as ownership believes that ‘It is the employees that make the company not the company that makes the employees. So it is with its high regard for their personnel that safety is paramount right from the yard through to the field.

As we move successfully into the 21st century it is recognized and appreciated that not only technology & equipment but as well safety has changed and is always changing. Rhyason Contracting has thus acquired the services of a full time safety co-coordinator, which has not been enrolled strictly as a compliance officer but works with ownership, employees and customers to ensure the safest possible project.

The system of safety starts in the initial project planning, estimating and subsequent pre-job planning stages. It is then brought to the field where our trained personnel continue the emphasis on safety in their daily activities through tailgate and general safety meetings. All projects receive an informal safety inspection. Formal inspections are conducted regularly which also to bring a “third set of eyes” to the project and in addition encourages discussion of compliance of specific regulations and the most effective way implementation can occur.

First-aid attendants are as well a key component to the safety system. In addition to normal responsibilities they maintain the on-site ERP, which takes into consideration the possibility of an emergency, the general recording of any tailgate meeting minutes, general bookkeeping and at times are involved in the Quality Control aspect of the project, which can be linked to safety.

Rhyason’s safety program has proved to be extremely effective, but, nevertheless, it is constantly being reviewed and updated. This can be validated by Rhyason Contracting receiving their Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) in 2003. Achieving this status has enabled Rhyason Contracting to measure safety in relation to industry standards and demonstrates a continual commitment to total safety while endeavoring to keep it simple so the core element of employee safety doesn’t get lost in regulations and policies.

  • GPS/Fleet Management Systems

  • Pre-employment Alcohol And Drug Testing

  • Competency-based Training System